In the framework of the "Electronik Musik Hören" sessions of the TU Berlin, Miguel Azguime, guest of the DAAD Künstlerprogramm, will be presenting an overview of his music with electronics.

Among the works that will be presented, Miguel Azguime, together with Paula Azguime, will also perform live a short version of his sound poetry / music theatre work "O Ar do Texto Opera a Forma do Som Interior" (The Air of the Text Operates the Form of the Inner Sound) with texts spoken in Portuguese and English.


1) O Ar do Texto Opera a Forma do Som Interior
        for voice, percussion and live electronics
Miguel Azguime: voice and percussion
Paula Azguime: electronics

2) De l'Étant Qui Le Nie
        for piano and live-electronics

3) Liquidus Sonorus Luminaris
(two part inventions for two oscilators)
       electroacoustic music

Derrière Son Double
        for 6 instruments and live-electronics.

Le Dicible Enfin Fini
       electroacoustic music

Miguel Azguime

1960, Lisbon, Portugal (

Composer, poet, and percussionist, he founded the Miso Ensemble in 1985, a flute and percussion duo recognised by the public and by the critics as one of the most important Portuguese contemporary music groups. Besides giving numerous concerts in Portugal, the “Miso Ensemble” has been presented regularly abroad.

Miguel Azguime has obtained various awards for composition and performance, has composed for diverse formations, instrumental and/or vocal with and without electronics, electroacoustic music, sound poetry, including music for exhibitions, sound installations, theatre, dance and cinema. He has received commissions from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, Ars Musica Festival, Heidelberg Festival,… amoung many others national and foreign cultural institutions.

Azguime’s music has been performed by renowned soloists, ensembles and conductors (Alain Neveux, Jean-Marie Cottet, Alain Damiens, Robert Glassburner, Paula Azguime, Yoshiko Shibuya, Tsung Yeh, Johannes Kalitzke, Stefan Asbury, Gregory Rose, Pascal Galois, Roberto Bollea, Ensemble Recherche, Ensemble Aventure, Remix Ensemble, Miso Ensemble, Gulbenkian Choir, Antifonia Choir, Singcircle, Hua Xia Ensemble, L’Autre Trio,…), being regularly presented at majors festivals of contemporary and electroacoustic music (ISCM-World Music Days - Japan, festival Ars Musica - Belgium, festival Spring in Havana – Cuba, Florida Electroaoustic Music Festival – USA, ISCM-World Music Days – Luxembourg, Xornadas de Musica Contemporanea of Santiago de Compostela – Spain, Festival Synthèse Bourges - France, Festival Audio Art Warsaw – Poland, Encontros Gulbenkian de Música Contemporanea - Lisbon, Festival Musica Viva - Lisbon,…), from Portugal to Japan, through Germany, Austria, Belgium. Chile, China, Cuba, Slovenia, Spain, USA, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, UK, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland.

Besides his activity as a composer, poet and percussionist, he remains actively dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of contemporary music, as artistic director of the independent label “Miso Records” and of the “MÚSICA VIVA” International Festival.

Also for 10 years Miguel Azguime has been the producer of the radio broadcast “Música Hoje” devoted to contemporary music at the Portuguese National Radio - RDP- Antena2.

He has developed since 1995 the first Portuguese Loudspeaker Orchestra and as a researcher he has been working in the development of real time computer music, giving lectures and courses on this field.

In 2003 he started, together with Paula Azguime the Portuguese New Music Information Center. This same year Miguel Azguime got the 2003 EMS composition prize. In 2006 Miguel Azguime is guest of the DAAD Berliner Künstlerprorgramm.


“The Air of the Text Operates the Form of the Inner Sound”


Prologue: the oracle or the passage

To unveil the mystery of the author’s absence

To shed some light over the question

A question lies asleep without an answer

The author does not sleep but he is absent

His presence is absent

Therefore the question remains

Whilst his absence lasts

The presence questions itself

In the silence of the presence of the absent author

The solution enquires itself regarding this question

The question is without words

The question silences sound

The sound licenses the question

It is a question of silence minus the author

The author’s absence

The author is in the midst of silence

Such a profound silence that impels him to look within himself

Looking for the being that makes him be

Certain that this being is, after all

Searching for a gaze within a strange immensity of selves

That, surrounding or facing him, ask him to make an effort

And tell them in his own words, his own, unmeasured, something that can make them believe


But the author maintains his silent posture

Staring directly at the eyes of immensity (which little by little fulfils itself)

The absence lasts…

The author is absent…


Without restrain a belief in his mind lasts

Neither mind nor west manifest themselves here

Maybe a comb elevated to PI

Or the eyes gazing at the golden horizon

Right there in front of him where the dream

Has lost its PI_U!


In the epicentre of the orb of silence

In the midst of such profound gaze

The author (must be) is… completely insane

Hollow with his mind all the way through the west

Remaining with a transparent substance

Of a self in the bed of his hand


The cream!

The chosen ones!

The fifth essence!


Leaned against the words that have no sound

The sound of silence of the absent author’s presence

The presence of sound in the author’s absence

The author’s presence in the absence of sound

Or the present absence of the sound’s silence?


The essence present senses the author’s absence

Senses sans sound a thousand sounds ceaselessly


The will of the author

Licensees and silences the sound


Quietness here is everything

All is yet to be done

All is yet to re-start


Thy wish will be done (the author’s) in the absence of his presence




The air in silence allows one to write, scribe… describe... the sound

The Air of the Text

sound has an

an air of an

air of a sound

has sound air

tone sans an air


An air has an air

where in good will

beyond an inspiration

tends to conform

a form of conducting

a propagation of an undulation

of the text


text of the text of the text of the text

undulation of the undulation of the undulation of the

propaganda ion the propaganda ion the propaganda ion the

conducting of conducting of conducting of

form conform form conform form conform

inspiration of an inspiration of an inspiration of an

beyond well beyond well beyond well

for it is where for it is where for it is where

air an air an air an air an air an air an

has air the has air the has air the has air the



the sound has an air

the text has a sound

the air of the text operates

the form of the inner sound




to conduct operations over the text

to condition the body of the text

the course of form

parts of the body

to prolongue the line

over… the position of the gaze

to delay the distance

in prospect of the point

the field extends itself

completes itself

aggregates itself

alienates itself

conformes itself


juxtaposed gaze

has the air of the

appears recent

in line with a return to feel

it has to be the air

be it



by the angle

once again straight


perpendicular perspective of the distance over the line of the body

positioned between the options of the operation the text induces.

inner inclination to conduct the form to good body.


without recourse

I follow the cursor

without return

In turn

I return to be




(to be contrary)

(the straight line) (contrary)

(to the continuity of the position of the air)



The Inner Sound

the sound has an air

the text has a sound

the air of the text operates

the form of the inner sound