Takumi Endo                         Composer, Media Artist


Was born in 1971 in Yokohama/JAPAN

Currently based in Paris (F) / Berlin (D)

Member of La Maison des Artistes, France

In 1993, when Endo was still studying conducting and eurythimcs at the Kunitachi college of Music in Tokyo, he co-founded a media art collective "Responsive Environment" with other artists and with architects.  Since then, he had been engaged in the various large-scale projects as a composer and a music director until he moved to Europe.

Since 2004, Endo has been engaged in the project Phonethica, an interdisciplinary media art project whose aim is to create the structure for a chain of chance connections between different languages through their respective, but coinciding, sounds. The implication of this project is the possibility of creating an alternative (counter) value system in a world which has become too structured by entrenched and fixed systems of meaning. Taking the diversity of mankind as its starting point, its attempt is to make a new kind of reference tool - one governed more by chance more than by reason. It can be seen as part of a wider world quest for a practical means of survival - through an organic synergy between technology and art.

Endo and his projects have been supported by various institutions and organizations such as; Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan (2002), Hull Time Based Arts, UK (2002), Forum Stadtpark and Graz Kulturhauptstadt Europa, Austria (2003), Sanskriti Foundation, India (2003), CICV Pierre Schaeffer, France (2003), City of Paris and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France (2004), Pola Art Foundation, Japan (2004) and IPA-Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (2005).

Endo’s works have been presented at many national and international concerts, exhibitions, conferences and festivals.



1994        International Bartok Festival Orchestra Conducting Master Class / Diploma (Szombathely/Hungary) as a Scholarship Student of Kunitachi College of Music

1995        Kunitachi College of Music / Bachelor of Music (Tokyo/Japan)




1993-2003   RE[   ]/Responsive Environment (Tokyo/Japan,
as a Co-Founder, Composer and Music Director

1995-2002              Fujino Workshop For Art, Kanagawa Pref, GOV. (Kanagawa/Japan) as an Artistic Planner of Department of Music




2001        The Japan Foundation (Japan)

2002        The Japan Arts Fund (Japan).  GRAZ2003/Cultural Capital of Europe (Austria)

2002/03              Fellowship Artist of Japan <Bunka-Cho Fellow> (Japan)

2003/04              The City of Paris and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France)

2004        Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schoppingen (Germany)

2004/05              POLA Art Foundation (Japan)

2005        DAAD Berliner Kunstlerprogramm (Germany)

2005/06              Mitoh – Exploratory Software Project (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Japan))

2007        MapXXL-Pepinieres europeennes pour jeunes artistes (European Union)




2002        Forum StadtPark (Graz/Austria).  Hull Time Based Arts (Hull/U.K)

2003        Sanskriti Foundation (New Delhi/India).  CICV Pierre Schaeffer (Hérimoncourt/France)

2003        Centre International D'accueil et D'echanges des Recollets (Paris/France)

2004        Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris (Paris/France)

2005        DAAD Berliner Kunstlerprogramm (Berlin/Germany)





Phonethica/Presentaion/ICHIM-International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting (Paris/France)
more infos (pdf)

Un Millier de Bleus/Installation/Hotel Dieu/Fete des lumieres de Lyon (Lyon/France)

Black & White Festival/Sound Work (ACSR) Nominate (Porto/Portugal)



Un Millier de Bleus/Open-Air Installation/Hotel Dieu/Fete des lumieres de Lyon (Lyon/France)

ROTA /Mini CD Album Released/Segment Records (New York/U.S.A)

dLux media|arts festival_d>art04/Sound Work (Acutus01) Nominate (Sydney/Australia)

Project Phonethica/Interdisciplinary Art Project/The First Public Presentation (Paris/France)



ROTA/Streaming Concert for The NOMUSIC Festival (Paris/France)

ACUTUS/Solo Concert for Le Placard Festival (Paris/France)

ACUTUS/Solo Concert for The JUNI RADIO Festival (Berlin/Germany)

BIWAK! 2-International Art Project (Stromboli Island/Italy)

A Estoria das Horas/Sound Remix (Hérimoncourt/France)

ACUTUS/Concert and Presentation at Sanskriti Kendra (Delhi/India)



Whiter Hair, Softer Teeth/NAMAIKI : GAS DVD/Sound Work (Inexhale) Participation(Tokyo/Japan)

ACUTUS/Solo Concert for The Root X Festival (Hull/U.K)               

BIWAK! 1-International Art Project (Wetzikon/Switzerland)

Punctus Contra Punctum/CD Album Released (Graz/Austria)

ACUTUS/Solo Concert for The MFRU Festival (Maribor/Slovenia)

NATO.0+55+3d modular with [n0553dm] CD-ROM/ Participation (Tokyo/Japan)



No Change No Chance/Guest Speaker/Round Table for Japanese Digital Art (Paris/France)

RE[   ]/Eurotour 2001/Multimedia Performance Tour (Graz,Wien/AUSTRIA. Maribor/Slovenia)



RE[ ]+ISE/CUT/Multimedia Performance (Tokyo/Japan)

BEGEGNUNGEN/Invitation Composer for Contemporary Music Festival (Innsbrück/Austria)



RE[   ]/SAUVAGE/Multimedia Performance (Kanagawa/Japan)

Live in Innsbruck/Guest Composer (Innsbrück/Austria)



RE[   ]/IWT/Multimedia Installation/Japan Art Scholarship, Finalist (Tokyo/Japan)



RE[   ]/Vol-4/Multimedia Installation/SD Review1996, Award (Tokyo/Japan)



RE[   ]/Cage-01/Installation/Sogetsu, Japan Art Festival (Shizuoka/Japan)



Thus/Histoire du Soldat (I. Stravinsky)/Theatre Piece/Conduct, Art Direction, Produce (Tokyo/Japan)



RE[   ]/Vol-1/Co-Founder, Music Director (Tokyo/Japan)