Lucia Ronchetti

“Il sonno di Atys”

Studio per viola ed elettronica live


 “ Il sonno di Atys ” is a study based on the viola’s polyphonic possibilities through a live treatment, in accordance with the project of an evolution made by stratification and accumulation of echoes and traces left by a complex and virtuosic monodic writing.   By a revision of the dramaturgic plan of the Atys of Lully, takes place a micro-opera divided in three different formal panels or scenes.

L’Animato sotterraneo, “Troubler le silence”, is a ricercare. Following a  tightened tactus the violist, travels over the traces left on the instrument  by his own passage, according to a  monochromatic monody that electronics harmonizes in accordance with several fugate perspectives, tending to obtain skids into the temporal bearing. In the Ad Agio profondo “Sangaride”, the viola sings the hypothetic aria of Sangaride who suffers the continuous changes of mood of Atys. The melody is an elaborated diminuzione of an ascending slow chromatic scale, in counterpoint with the delayed echoes  of some live analysed partials. In Immobile “Le sommeil” the sleep of Atys is realistically represented. The viola changes into a living organ that slows down it’s beat and enter the deep and rhythmic   breath typical of the sleep. The sleep is disturbed by a myriad of bruitistes micro-cadences  which represent the good and fatal presences. The sleep is internal the viola (and the violist) and it’s dreams are about the imaginary of it’s perceptions.

Lucia Ronchetti



1987               Diploma Composition; Diploma Electronic Music, Conservatorio of S.Cecilia Rome

1987                Master, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy.

                       Thesis:  “The Application of Analytic Methodologies to the Orchestral Works

                        of Bruno Maderna”.

1991                Diplôme d'Études Approfondies (D.E.A.), University of Paris I-Sorbonne, Paris, France.

1993-96           Composition courses with  Gérard Grisey in Paris.

1996-97           Annual computer music courses at IRCAM.

1999                Composition courses with Salvatore Sciarrino.

2000                Doctorate, École Pratique des Hautes Studes en Sorbonne, Paris, France.

                        Thesis: “The Analysis of the Orchestral Music During the Late XIX Century

                        in France”.

2000-2001       Academie Schloss Solitude residence, Stuttgart, Germany.

2003                 The MacDowell Colony residence, Peterborough, NH, USA.

2003-2004        Staatsoper of Stuttgart composer in residence (Forum Neues Musiktheater)

2004-2005        Visiting Scholar, Columbia University Music Department, New York.

2005                 Fulbright Fellowship, New York.

2005-2006       DAAD Fellowship, Berlin.




1986                Academic scholarship, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France.

1987                International Budapest Composition Contest, Budapest, Hungary.

1988-1992       Study grant, Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research, Rome, Italy.

1992                Commission for a radiophonic opera, Rai Radio Uno, Rome, Italy.

1993                Foundation Nadia Boulanger Prize, Paris, France.

1993                Commande d’État, French Ministry of Culture, Paris, France.

1993                Münchener Biennale commission for a Puppet Theater work, München, Germany.

1994                Commission for a chamber orchestra work, Radio France, Paris, France.

1995                Commission from O.R.T. for orchestral work, Florence, Italy.

1995                Progetto Dionysos. Special support Musica 2000, Italian Ministry of Culture,

                        Rome, Italy.

1996                Commission for a harp and voice Lied, G.O.G., Genova, Italy.

1996                Selected for the annual computer music courses at the IRCAM, Paris, France.

1996                Commission from the French Ministry of Culture for a CD-ROM opera,

                        Paris, France.

1997                Des Treilles Foundation Prize, Paris, France.

1997                Dimitri Mitroupoulos International Competition Prize, Athens, Greece.

1997                Prize winner, Italian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, Paris, France.

1998                Commande d’État, for a solo voice and orchestra work, French Ministry of Culture,

                         Paris, France.

2000                Federazione Cemat Competition Prize for a chamber opera, Rome, Italy.

2000                Commande d’État, for the Court-Circuit Ensemble, French Ministry of Culture,

                         Paris, France.

2000                Wittener Tagen Commission for the Neue Vocalsolisten, Witten, Germany.

2000                Akademie Schloss Solitude production for a chamber opera, Stuttgart, Germany.

2001                Commission WDR Sinfonieorchester, Köln, Germany.

2001                Commission Teatro La Fenice for a chamber opera, Venezia, Italy.

2002                Commission Neue Vocalsolisten/Arditti Quartett, Stuttgart, Germany.

2002                Commission Radio France/Festival Presence, Paris, France.

2003                Commission Experimental Studio of the SWR, Freiburg, Germany.

2003                Commission  for a chamber opera from the Staatsoper of Stuttgart, Germany.

2004                 Norton Stevens Fellowship, The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH, USA.

2004                Commission Orchestra Rai of Torino, Italy.

2005                Commission Ensemble Recherche, Freiburg.

2006                Commission Chamber Saison Bayerische Staatsoper, Muenchen.

2006                Commission Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes, Technischen Universität, Berlin.

2005                 Commission Ensemble 2E2M-Neue Vocalsolisten, Paris.



Invited for research projects concerning computer music:


1995                Studio Muse en Circuit, Paris, France.

1997                Elektronisches Studio der Technischen Universität, Berlin, Germany.

1999                Studio für Elektroakustische Musik der Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany.

1999                G.R.M. of Radio France, Paris, France.

2000                Elektronisches Studio de la Musik-Akademie-Basel, Switzerland.

2003                Heinrich-Strobel-Stiftung/SWR, Freiburg, Germany.

2005                Elektronisches Studio der Technischen Universität, Berlin, Germany.





Original compositions

Performed live in Italy and in other countries.

Broadcasted by several European radio stations.

Published by Lemoine (Paris), Edipan (Roma), B.M.G., Ricordi (Milano), Durand (Paris) and Rai Trade(Roma).

Recorded on CD by Edipan, R.C.A., Sincronie, Fonit Cetra/Musica Realtà, WDR/Wittener Tagen, Stradivarius.