Simple Subtractive with OSC control!


This example uses a square wave oscillator and a biquad filter. It can be controlled by MIDI or OSC, depending on the command line arguments.


The following libraries are used within this project:

OSC server config

The file 'config.yml' defines the OSC and MIDI paths used for controlling the synth:

# the OSC port:
port: 6666
# the midi controllers used:
ctl1: 14
ctl2: 15
ctl3: 16
ctl4: 17
# the OSC paths used:
path1: "/attack"
path2: "/release"
path3: "/pulsewidth"
path4: "/expo"

Start subtractive example

The binary expects three arguments: -c 'path to config file' -ID 'id of the MIDI controller used' -m 'the mode used (MIDI or OSC)'

./subtractive_example -c config.yml -ID 1 -m OSC